Agritourism Colle Sant’Angelo

The Colle Sant’Angelo farmhouse is located in Serrone in the province of Frosinone, in La Forma. From 1995 we work the products of the land according to the principles of organic farm to share with you the aromas, flavors and genuineness of the products that the land of ciociara offers. Come and get to know and discover this little corner of relaxation with your own eyes and, above all, come and taste the true flavors of Ciociaria in person!

A break in the green

The farmhouse with swimming pool Colle Sant’Angelo is located among the green hills of the northern area of ​​Ciociaria, a land of hamlets and cities of art, full of countries in which to stroll and corners of nature beauties to be discovered. The location of the farm is excellent as a few steps from our hotel you can visit the delightful historic centers of Anagni, Alatri and Subiaco, while the city of Rome is about 60 km. Spend your weekend with us: you can enjoy a dip in our pool, entirely surrounded by greenery, or plan a visit among the many local festivals that proliferate throughout the summer and autumn to taste the flavors of our land.